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Observer Report

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Name Instructor Course Date Observer Report for Communication Skills Rating Scale: 0=did not occur, 1=occurred but needs improvement, 2=occurred and is adequate, 3=helper is especially strong on this point Nonverbal Behaviors Rating The helper maintained eye contact with the helpee.2 The helper varied facial expressions during the interview.1 The helper responded to the helpee with alertness and facial animation.3 The helper sometimes nodded his or her head.1 The helper had a relaxed body position.3 The…

Louisville Slugger VideoCase

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Louisville Slugger Video Case Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Abstract Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an integrated management of essential business processes normally in real-time, mediated by information systems. It provides integrated as well as continuous support of core operation processes using databases (Seethamraju & Krishna Sundar, 2013). The paper is based on The Louisville Slugger Company which remains family-run. John Hillerich IV, being the fourth-generation CEO has taken over the company which has existed for…

Distinct Marketing Approaches

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Distinct Marketing Approaches Changing market environments have conceptualized and defined an array of marketing strategies. Organizations utilize different approaches to tackle barriers in the market, hence, adopting diverse marketing strategies. Some consumer goods manufacturers prefer to deal with consumers, delivering their products and services directly to them. However, other manufacturers use an intermediate middleman as a link between the organization and consumers (Kotler, and Keller 2012). While consumers provide valuable feedback to the manufacturers, intermediaries…

The U.S Tariffs

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The U.S Tariffs Tariff refers to duties which are paid as a result of particular exports or imports. It is also a type of tax that government imposes on imported goods and services from other countries. Such fees serve to make imports to be less desirable by increasing the prices of the products. After meeting with US company executives, Donald revealed that he was ready to sign trade measures that would control their trading activities.…

Blood Diamond

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Student’s name Professor’s name Course number Date Blood Diamonds. Diamonds are among the most expensive assets that a human being can possess and which through them, he or she can travel to any place in the world or own anything that people covet. From the title, “Blood Diamond” develops a stream of thoughts person's mind trying to figure out the meaning behind such unusual term. The film made its debut in December 2006 under the…

fact sheet

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Fact Sheet Social Security Eligibility To be eligible for social one should have worked and paid Social security taxes which earn him or her credits toward the Social Security benefits. Notably, the number of credits required to acquire retirement benefits are determined on when an individual was born. If one was born in 1929 or later, he or she requires 40 credits which are equivalent to ten years of…

Self Brand

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Self-Brand: Golf Instructor and Financial Analyst Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Self-Brand: Golf Instructor and Financial Analyst Self-brand Statement: “Golfing in Style,” master organizer and instructor. Offering the best experience in golfing to ensure you enjoy every moment of the pitch. “You name your golfing needs, and I will satisfactory meet them with enthusiasm and confidence” (Wheeler, 2017). Correspondingly, I will manage all your financial resources, so you do not have to worry about interruptive calls…

Enhancement of the Quality of Education through Affordable College Author Institutional Affiliation Enhancement of the Quality of Education through Affordable College Introduction The United States’ education system piloted the world throughout the Twentieth Century, as the nation sent generations to higher learning institutions, and fostered the most accomplished workforce on the global scale, which enabled an unparalleled era of economic expanse and rise of middle-class incomes. Nonetheless, at the moment, other countries have followed suit…

Personal Investment

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The goal of this investment simulation-report was to explore and investigate the critical elements of investment decisions and to practice the skills needed to allocate funds into a portfolio of different classes of assets. From an initial investment of one million Riyals was spent on stocks, currency and US Municipal bonds. Remember that bonds are considered low-risk investments, and their selection in this section is to counter the high-risks and high returns currency investment. Currency…

Grant Proposal

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After school programs build student’s confidence, creativity and expand their social skills. 23.6% of Brooklyn, New York residents live below the federal poverty line. Additionally, 31% of these parents feel that afterschool programs are not safe for their children. As many as 1,151,361 children in Brooklyn are not attending an afterschool program. With only five nonprofit afterschool programs, Brooklyn parents have limited choices. This problem is further made worse by low living standards in the…

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