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Observer Report

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Name Instructor Course Date Observer Report for Communication Skills Rating Scale: 0=did not occur, 1=occurred but needs improvement, 2=occurred and is adequate, 3=helper is especially strong on this point Nonverbal Behaviors Rating The helper maintained eye contact with the helpee.2 The helper varied facial expressions during the interview.1 The helper responded to the helpee with alertness and facial animation.3 The helper sometimes nodded his or her head.1 The helper had a relaxed body position.3 The…

Outline of the book Isaiah

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Student’s Name Professor Subject Date Outline of the Book of Isaiah The book of Isaiah is one of the major Messianic prophets in the Old Testament. In fact, it is the first one which describes oracles, the message of hope and salvation, reports as well as giving prophecies (Mayfield 275). Amoz was the father of Isaiah. Isaiah is a name which refers to the salvation of the Lord.It has sixty-six chapters. The book can be…

Impact of Advertising on Young Use of Alcohol Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Impact of Advertising on Young Use of Alcohol The alcohol industry presents alcohol as a precious commodity, and it relates it to success, fun, and strength; it portrays alcohol consumption as a normal activity. (Gupta et al., 2016). The industry has attracted the teens through alcohol advertising by several marketing platforms which have created disagreement with the public health. Studies have been done…

Name: Course: Instructor: Date: "A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings" Short Story Initially, the old man’s arrival fed into the myth of the angel of death. It brought a sense of doom to the Pelayo household and the village. The angel of death is a myth about an angel who comes for the people who are meant to die. It seemed genuinely possible because Pelayo’s child was crucially ill and the chances were it…


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BLACK NATIONALISM Student’s Name Class Date Compare and contrast the major conceptual differences between Classical Black Nationalism and Pragmatic Black Nationalism as articulated by Shelby in the article assigned in class (See D2L). Black Nationalism being a philosophy or an ideology is a tradition which is old when it comes to American civil rights politics. Black Nationalism will always advocate racial solidarity black’s self-determination. Taking pride for their historic achievements of those who are of…

Cultural Diversity in the Workplace Businesses seeking to expand globally have had to grapple with a set of challenges which in most instances derail the growth strategies. Top of the list is unfamiliar cultures which have been a problem for multinationals for decades. Cultural misunderstandings that arise due miscommunication are the common challenges that such organizations face. Although such corporations increasingly hire people who are proficient in the local language, it is usually not common…

Domestic Violence Against Women

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Title: Date: Domestic Violence Against Women Domestic violence is any form of abuse meted against the women in the society. Domestic violence can take many forms. Although domestic violence affects people of both genders, the most vulnerable ones are the women. Women have been categorized as the weaker sex. Most of the perpetrators of this vice are often men. In many cases, men are the ones who abuse women in…

Genetically modified crops

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Name: Professor: Class: Date: Genetically Modified Crops Scientists have developed techniques to engineer crops genetically. The first modified crops were done over forty years ago, and these crops have commercially been available to all regions on earth. Their adoption has increased progressively over the years, and currently, these crops are widely accepted. Crop production is supplemented by science to feed all populations and use more land for agricultural purposes even with the changes in climatic…

Old essay

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Old Essay Name Institutional Affiliation Date Old Essay Letter to Congressman Dear Sir, I am writing you to express my concern about the looming issue of marine species threat in the ocean. As you know, the ocean is home to millions of sea creatures. However, it is notable that there have been numerous pollution cases that are caused by human beings. The pollution affects numerous sea creatures. Dumping garbage in the seas may have been…

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Millennial generation evaluation

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Student’s Name Course Title Professor Date Millenials Generation Evaluation According to research, approximately 10,000 Millennials turn 21 every day, whereas the number of Baby Boomers retiring is about 10,000. By the year 2025 according to research, Millennials will cover seventy-five percent of the labor force of the United States. Numerous organizations have been faced various challenges including the difficulty to transfer precious familiarity to a younger generation in a manner that is efficient. Additionally, various…

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