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Student’s name Professor’s name Course number Date Blood Diamonds. Diamonds are among the most expensive assets that a human being can possess and which through them, he or she can travel to any place in the world or own anything that people covet. From the title, “Blood Diamond” develops a stream of thoughts person's mind trying to figure out the meaning behind such unusual term. The film made its debut in December 2006 under the directorship of Edward Zwick. Set in African country Sierra Leon, the movie got its title from the diamond mines in the state that existed between the year 1991 and 2002 ("Ethics On Film: Discussion Of"). The miners worked under harsh condition, but the profits were enjoyed by warlords to finance more war and the rich all across the world. Though there was intervention by the whites, their motive was not to end the war but to benefit from the diamonds. Not anyone who seems nice is in the real sense good. The film revolves around the lives of...

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