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The U.S Tariffs Tariff refers to duties which are paid as a result of particular exports or imports. It is also a type of tax that government imposes on imported goods and services from other countries. Such fees serve to make imports to be less desirable by increasing the prices of the products. After meeting with US company executives, Donald revealed that he was ready to sign trade measures that would control their trading activities. However, Trump told the executives that the tariffs he was to mention must apply to all countries. According to his perception, other nations have been wasting the U.S economy. For instance, he asserted that China had destroyed several US industries. The paper starts by highlighting the tariffs mentioned by Donald on 22nd March 2018 and on 5th April 2018. It proceeds to explain the reaction of the market towards the imposition of the duties. Also, the paper describes how the tariffs had affected dollars right from the beginning. On the other hand, it i...

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