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Self-Brand: Golf Instructor and Financial Analyst Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Self-Brand: Golf Instructor and Financial Analyst Self-brand Statement: “Golfing in Style,” master organizer and instructor. Offering the best experience in golfing to ensure you enjoy every moment of the pitch. “You name your golfing needs, and I will satisfactory meet them with enthusiasm and confidence” (Wheeler, 2017). Correspondingly, I will manage all your financial resources, so you do not have to worry about interruptive calls from an office secretary. It is all about taking golf to the next level. Golfers can be extremely busy people. Thus, having the right-hand man who plans all your sports sprees is important to ensure you do not miss out on important tournaments. As an instructor, I train you to become a winner on the pitch rather than just a player. It is about walking you (as a golf player) through the tight ropes towards the achievement of success. Golfing d...

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