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Louisville Slugger Video Case Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Abstract Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an integrated management of essential business processes normally in real-time, mediated by information systems. It provides integrated as well as continuous support of core operation processes using databases (Seethamraju & Krishna Sundar, 2013). The paper is based on The Louisville Slugger Company which remains family-run. John Hillerich IV, being the fourth-generation CEO has taken over the company which has existed for more than 120 years in the industry with intense competition than never before. In the case of Louisville Slugger, the management transitioned to SAP which is German company software. The transition led to various benefits that it started reaping several years after the configuration of the new information system. Some of the benefits include increased customer service, higher profit, and a boost in employee morale as the frustration due to repeti...

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