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Observer Report

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Name Instructor Course Date Observer Report for Communication Skills Rating Scale: 0=did not occur, 1=occurred but needs improvement, 2=occurred and is adequate, 3=helper is especially strong on this point Nonverbal Behaviors Rating The helper maintained eye contact with the helpee.2 The helper varied facial expressions during the interview.1 The helper responded to the helpee with alertness and facial animation.3 The helper sometimes nodded his or her head.1 The helper had a relaxed body position.3 The…

Songs and Earth Sounds Name Institutional Affiliation The Voyager Golden Record is one of the most creative works made directed to the aliens. The Musical record is inspired by the need to offer some form of evidence to the aliens that humans ever existed on the Earth. Therefore, exhilarating music was selected from all over the earth to capture the position of the earth in the universe, how life on earth is and its scenic…

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