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BLACK NATIONALISM Student’s Name Class Date Compare and contrast the major conceptual differences between Classical Black Nationalism and Pragmatic Black Nationalism as articulated by Shelby in the article assigned in class (See D2L). Black Nationalism being a philosophy or an ideology is a tradition which is old when it comes to American civil rights politics. Black Nationalism will always advocate racial solidarity black’s self-determination. Taking pride for their historic achievements of those who are of…

Part 1 Chapter 21 The arrival of Germany in 1870 as a new powerful player on the international scene became a disruption to the already established order. While the world war impacted Europe’s colonial empires by drawing in laborers and soldiers from the colonies, which served to consolidate their power. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the throne of Austria and his wife in June 1914 by a Tibetan nationalist was the…

Immanuel Kant Moral Philosophy

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Name Instructor Course Date Immanuel Kant Moral Philosophy Immanuel Kant’s stance on moral philosophy is one of the most widely studied, upheld, and criticized viewpoints in contemporary philosophy. The fact that it draws as much support as it attracts criticism shows its comprehensiveness. According to Kant, Categorical Imperative was the ultimate golden rule in philosophy and common sense without which an individual would not be considered moral. Kant is typically regarded as the father of…

Germany is a world superpower

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Germany is a world superpower. Its economic, military, educational and general social well-being can be rivaled by a handful of other countries. Based on that, the German language has become the third most widely spoken language after English and Chinese. It has the largest number of native speakers within Europe. The language is considered hard by non-speakers but it's one of the easiest since it shares a lot of syllables with the English language. Learning…

Dialogue 01

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Dialogue 01 Student’s Name Institution’s Affiliation The doctrine of double effect permits the killing of innocent civilians during the war The theory of double effect is premised on the morality of an action and the intent behind the action (Solomon, 2018). The principle of double effect aims at providing the standard guidelines concerning activities that result in good and bad results at the same time. This principle states that in cases where the outcome has…

Personal Investment

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The goal of this investment simulation-report was to explore and investigate the critical elements of investment decisions and to practice the skills needed to allocate funds into a portfolio of different classes of assets. From an initial investment of one million Riyals was spent on stocks, currency and US Municipal bonds. Remember that bonds are considered low-risk investments, and their selection in this section is to counter the high-risks and high returns currency investment. Currency…

Arabic In France

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Arabic in France (Name) (Institution)Arabic in France Introduction Until the year 2012, it was arguable that France was still a monoculture country. The year 2016 was marked with a festival that celebrated and highlighted the impact of the Arabic language to the French culture and art. According to Coller (2011), Arabic was being considered as a primary language in France. However, the Arabic was hardly taught in schools, and people associated it with evil and…

Name Tutor’s Name Course Date Washington vs. Dubois Structured Debate--Argument Notes Prompt: It is the turn of the twentieth century. Design a plan which represents the best strategy for change, educational progress and race relations, based on ideas from each man’s speeches and writings. Position A: Booker T. Washington by Partners’s Names Argument Statement: His philosophy revolved around racial solidarity, self-help, and accommodation. He argued that the blacks should accept the discrimination they faced and…

McDonald’s Corporation

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McDonald’s Corporation. McDonald's is a fast food firm that was incorporated in the year 1940. The firm is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The headquarters of McDonald's is based in Oak Brook, Illinois, USA. The founders of this company Richard McDonald and Maurice McDonald who were brothers. The increased number of working-class people in the US made it a necessity for a place where the working-class would get ready-made food at a…

Is the Death Penalty an Ethical Choice? Student’s Name University Course Instructor’s Name Date Is the Death Penalty an Ethical Choice? Introduction The death penalty has been observed as a matter of debate and controversy for years, and one can see recognize arguments against and for capital punishment structure. Capital punishments were frequent at one point or the other in the historical advancement of several countries and most of the nations have constitutionally banned death…

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