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Impact of Advertising on Young Use of Alcohol Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Impact of Advertising on Young Use of Alcohol The alcohol industry presents alcohol as a precious commodity, and it relates it to success, fun, and strength; it portrays alcohol consumption as a normal activity. (Gupta et al., 2016). The industry has attracted the teens through alcohol advertising by several marketing platforms which have created disagreement with the public health. Studies have been done…

E-business Web-centric Metrics

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E-business Web-centric Metrics Investing in technology is costly for organisations. It is, therefore, important to have means to measure their success. Most measures of success are efficiency and effectiveness metrics. Different organizations require different success metrics. Amazon, one of the largest global online retailers, consider some Web-centric more important. The same applies to CNN, a global news company. CNN, since they are involved in online content, they only require consumers to visit their websites and…

Distinct Marketing Approaches

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Distinct Marketing Approaches Changing market environments have conceptualized and defined an array of marketing strategies. Organizations utilize different approaches to tackle barriers in the market, hence, adopting diverse marketing strategies. Some consumer goods manufacturers prefer to deal with consumers, delivering their products and services directly to them. However, other manufacturers use an intermediate middleman as a link between the organization and consumers (Kotler, and Keller 2012). While consumers provide valuable feedback to the manufacturers, intermediaries…

Discussion Questions

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Discussion Questions Chapter 4 Explain how brand communication works in the case of the “Hard to explain, easy to experience” campaign. Brand communication refers to the combination of activities that can influence the client's opinion about a company and its products. Brand communication works in this case because it enables the firm research and identifies the appropriate audience for the products and services. The brand communication of the company has several components such as identification…


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Advertising The industry of advertising is on the verge of changes – these changes ascribed to the changes in media, technology, social and economic environment. By definition, advertising is a form of paid persuasive communication. This form of communication uses different mass and media to reach as many people as possible in efforts to connect the identified sponsors with the buyers. Generally, the basic reasons for advertising are providing information about products goods and services…

Suffragette Poster Propaganda

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Introduction. Suffragettes were members’ women groups in late 1800s and early 1900s which backed the extension of suffrage to women. In particular, it relates to the militants groups in the UK who championed for this right in a violent manner. Historically, this started long time ago. In fact, some people view its origin as back to creation times. Women victimization and gender inequality can be traced long time ago. They were limited to home chores…

Papa Johns Pizza

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Marketing Strategies: Papa John’s Pizza Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Course Date Abstract Marketing strategies form the backbone of most firms, as it determines the market share and the number of new customers that a company gains. A review of the marketing strategies employed by Papa John’s provides an understanding of why this company is the third largest supplier of pizza in the world. The review shall use the four tactical plans of product, place, promotion,…


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Discussion An often overlooked point of research includes comprehension of whether or not a data source is trustworthy. Several sources of information that naturally channel credibility include the United States Department of Education and particular online encyclopedias such as Britannica. However, in situations where one is unsure, it is critical to review several basic considerations. For example, the location of publishing is highly influential on credibility. Data published in a federal document or a peer-reviewed…

Women Leading in the Work Place Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract The debate about women leading in the workplace has been in existence for several decades. When it comes to leadership roles, women are underestimated and are considered weak. Thus, there have been very few women CEO in the corporate world especially in the Fortune 500 companies in the United States. Women have been doing the best they can to empower other women to get into…

Website Comparison

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The National Institute of Health and the WebMD sites both focus on providing information regarding health. They make it easier for the audience to get answers about certain medical issues and concerns. They both serve as a support system when it comes to medical information but it is advised to seek medical advice instead of depending on the information obtained online. From an analytical perspective, the National Institute of Health site can be viewed as…

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