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Induction Booklet/Leaflet Student's Name Professor's Name Course Date Induction Booklet/Leaflet Explain the teaching training role and responsibilities in education and training (Unit 1: LO 1.1) Teaching Cycle Stages Role Responsibilities Identifying Needs Build Self Esteem in education They perfect the needs of the learners through training Accept learners with their unique characters by improving determination and belief in learning Planning & Preparing Achieve Success through educating the learners Train the learners to be good planners…

Arabic In France

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Arabic in France (Name) (Institution)Arabic in France Introduction Until the year 2012, it was arguable that France was still a monoculture country. The year 2016 was marked with a festival that celebrated and highlighted the impact of the Arabic language to the French culture and art. According to Coller (2011), Arabic was being considered as a primary language in France. However, the Arabic was hardly taught in schools, and people associated it with evil and…

“Why must we tell our own stories?” Amy Tan is a best-selling novelist of Chinese descent but born in Oakland California. Her parents were Chinese immigrants who came to America to escape the Chinese civil war. She is the second born in a family of three siblings. She, unfortunately, lost her father and elder brother to a brain tumor when she was fifteen which forced her mother to relocate the family to Switzerland where she…

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