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Impact of Advertising on Young Use of Alcohol Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Impact of Advertising on Young Use of Alcohol The alcohol industry presents alcohol as a precious commodity, and it relates it to success, fun, and strength; it portrays alcohol consumption as a normal activity. (Gupta et al., 2016). The industry has attracted the teens through alcohol advertising by several marketing platforms which have created disagreement with the public health. Studies have been done…

barbie doll

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject Date ‘Barbie Doll’ Marge uses Barbie in her poem ‘Barbie Doll’ as an image to portray the unrealistic value system placed on America’s young girls. The expectations put on young girls and in extension women to look like ‘Barbie’ weighs down on their lives (Lyons, and Piercy, 329). Though ‘Barbie’ is used once in the poem and specifically in the title, the imagery of Barbie is dominant in Marge Piercy’s…

American transcendentalists and

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Name Tutor Course Date A Theory as to why the Beats strayed from the American Transcendentalists. The Beats originated from the American transcendentalists who existed before the Beats. Jack Kerouac in the year 1948 came up with the term ‘Beat.’ This meant disappointed, downtrodden, and defeated. They strayed from the American transcendentalist, as they wanted to form other alternative ways human beings thought and they wanted to come up with a new unique way of…

The woman of his youth

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Student’s name Instructor’s name Course Date The Wife of His Youth Chesnutt, Charles. "from The Wife of His Youth, and Other Stories of the Colour Line (1899)." The American Civil War: An Anthology of Essential Writings (2006): 290. The story is all about Mr. Rider who is a person of colour, he is also a managing director of Blue veins society. The company has been given the mandate of organizing society ball events. The man is a…

Reflection on Nursing Code of Ethics. America’s Nursing Association provides the relevant guidance on the code of conduct and ethics that its members ought to follow at all times. Accordingly, the code of conduct was designed to provide nurses with a source of references regarding their responsibilities in the nursing career. It also ensures that nurses can abide by the set rules to guarantee the provision of optimal care to their patients. Some individuals argue…

Three Pieces of Literature Review

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Introduction The three pieces of literature I am going to use are "I Stand Here Ironing," by Tillie Olsen, "A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings" and "The Things They Carried," by Tim O'Brien. These are the pieces of literature. "I Stand Here Ironing," by Tillie Olsen, this is a story which has been narrated by the mother's point of context view. The narrator of this story is a mother who has been remarried, and…

Developing Mathematical thinking

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Your name Professor’s name Course name Date of submission Developing Mathematical Thinking Introduction: Mathematical knowledge and skills are essential within the technical and science world. An incorporation of algebraic expressions has been of great demand in exposing children to proper development of their mathematical grasp. Some of the key terms include algebraic expressions, mathematical thinking, research and teaching strategies. Algebraic expressions are phrases in mathematics that are used in developing individuals’ mathematical thinking and thought…

Introduction The introduction of this paper will cover synopsis and discussion of the two works this paper sets to compare and contrast, that is, “An open letter to my C.E.O” by Talia Jane and “A guerilla gardener in south central la” by Ron Finley. After that, the paper shall synthesize the similar/different viewpoints each of the two have in the way they look at work/job. Finally, the article shall conclude with my point of view…

Psychoanalysis Theory

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Psychoanalysis Theory Psychoanalysis theory is a theory of the human mind that that explains how the unconscious thoughts are determined by personality development. This implies that childhood events which Sigmund Freud classified them into developmental stages have a huge impact on one’s unconscious thoughts (Schmoop). This theory is commonly applied in psychoanalysis, a form of psychological therapy and the population that is usually covered includes people with anxiety disorders and those suffering from depression. It…

Creative Blog

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Creative Blog Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Creative Blog Entry 1 My name is James Bustamante. I have had almost all my life centered in Bergenfield, New Jersey. I have always had a great interest in literature because I believe it is the mirror of the society. From this course, I believe I will be able to understand people, communities, and the relationships around me. The idea of implementing a blog into the study is exciting…

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