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Induction Booklet/Leaflet Student's Name Professor's Name Course Date Induction Booklet/Leaflet Explain the teaching training role and responsibilities in education and training (Unit 1: LO 1.1) Teaching Cycle Stages Role Responsibilities Identifying Needs Build Self Esteem in education They perfect the needs of the learners through training Accept learners with their unique characters by improving determination and belief in learning Planning & Preparing Achieve Success through educating the learners Train the learners to be good planners and prepare adequately for the field. Ensure learners strive to achieve success from the very start of learning. This helps to keep learners on a positive path to learning. Delivering/Facilitating Learning Enforce Patience through education Instill discipline through training them to develop inherent skills An important virtue in learning is to be patient especially with the teachers and tutors. Adult learners experience various ...


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