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Arabic in France (Name) (Institution)Arabic in France Introduction Until the year 2012, it was arguable that France was still a monoculture country. The year 2016 was marked with a festival that celebrated and highlighted the impact of the Arabic language to the French culture and art. According to Coller (2011), Arabic was being considered as a primary language in France. However, the Arabic was hardly taught in schools, and people associated it with evil and danger, stereotyping all Arabs as terrorist and dangerous people. According to a compilation done by Stavans (2015), the Arabic language is considered as one of the primary dialects in up to 60 countries with the Asian and North African nations adopting it as the countries national language. Furthermore, Coller (2011) research indicates that a population of up to 467 million peoples use Arabic more often than the other languages. The United Nations also adopted Arabic as one of their six official’s national dialect, but i...

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