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Introduction. Suffragettes were members’ women groups in late 1800s and early 1900s which backed the extension of suffrage to women. In particular, it relates to the militants groups in the UK who championed for this right in a violent manner. Historically, this started long time ago. In fact, some people view its origin as back to creation times. Women victimization and gender inequality can be traced long time ago. They were limited to home chores only. Leadership was meant for the men. Men controlled everything and made all the decisions without women consult. This has continued for quite some time thou there have a massive campaign for women empowerment all over the world. All across the Anglophone countries, women were increasingly being allowed to either vote in election or were allowed to stand for parliament, but those in the Britain were still disenfranchised as late as 1903. The term suffragette was originally used a term of ridicule by journalists in a London daily to labe...

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