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Outline of the book Isaiah

Words: 550
Pages: 2

Student’s Name Professor Subject Date Outline of the Book of Isaiah The book of Isaiah is one of the major Messianic prophets in the Old Testament. In fact, it is the first one which describes oracles, the message of hope and salvation, reports as well as giving prophecies (Mayfield 275). Amoz was the father of Isaiah. Isaiah is a name which refers to the salvation of the Lord.It has sixty-six chapters. The book can be…

Final Paper

Words: 1925
Pages: 7

Name Professor Course Date Ways through Which the Medieval Period Influenced the Modern World. The medieval period, is also called the Middle and is the period that commenced in the 5th century, ending in the 15th century. This time, according to historical sources, started with the fall of the Western Roman Empire, and after that combined with the Renaissance and the age of discovery. Furthermore, the period is subdivided into three other divisions, characterized by…

Germany is a world superpower

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Pages: 2

Germany is a world superpower. Its economic, military, educational and general social well-being can be rivaled by a handful of other countries. Based on that, the German language has become the third most widely spoken language after English and Chinese. It has the largest number of native speakers within Europe. The language is considered hard by non-speakers but it's one of the easiest since it shares a lot of syllables with the English language. Learning…

Arabic In France

Words: 2200
Pages: 8

Arabic in France (Name) (Institution)Arabic in France Introduction Until the year 2012, it was arguable that France was still a monoculture country. The year 2016 was marked with a festival that celebrated and highlighted the impact of the Arabic language to the French culture and art. According to Coller (2011), Arabic was being considered as a primary language in France. However, the Arabic was hardly taught in schools, and people associated it with evil and…

Integration Paper

Words: 1375
Pages: 5

Relationship between Christian Faith and Psychology Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Lecturer Due Date Introduction The relation between Christian faith and the discipline of psychology encompasses a comprehensive study of human psychological behavior and religious belief. The psychological analysis of religion or faith entails focus on religious belief and ethical behavior and employs different models relating to human nature. It should be pointed that religion and psychology are two broad subjects that depict an array of…


Words: 275
Pages: 1

Name Professor Course Date Vocabulary Log Polemic Pg. 15 Definition: A strong written or verbal attack directed at something. Contextual quote: “it is polemic; it is opinion.” Personal application: I gave my bully a lengthy polemic until he left me alone. Futuristic Pg. 21 Definition: having modern technology Contextual quote: “The huge wall-screen televisions were as futuristic and implausible.” Personal application: the award-winning design was futuristic Implausible Pg. 21 Definition; failing to convince, seeming not…

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