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Name Date Things Fall Apart The Irony and Symbolism in the Relationship between Okonkwo and His Father Things Fall Apart is a masterpiece of African literature by renowned author, Chinua Achebe. It narrates the life of one Okonkwo, the protagonist, an Igbo man of honor and title holder of the wrestling bouts in his fictional village of Umuofia; who struggles with a society which seems to be losing its ideals. He happens to be the son of Unoka, a lazy and old man thought by many to be useless in every sense of the word. He is best known for his borrowing with reckless abandon. The narrative traces the life of Okonkwo from birth through his triumphs, trials, tribulations and his final destination. A myriad of themes is prevalent at various stages in the story. Also, the author employs several stylistic devices through the course of his writing; in so doing, the author successfully epitomizes the father-son relationship which was at best; strained beyond limit (Williams, 2017. 31-45...

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