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Student’s Name: Professor: Course: Date Global Political and Economic Realities Despite being delivered 29 years apart, “the state of the world” speeches given by President Wilson in 1918 and President Truman in 1947 played an important role in highlighting the US foreign policy and shaping the world’s history in the 20th century. President Wilson’s speech, popularly known as the President Wilson’s Fourteen Points, was given before Congress on the 8th, January 1918 and called for peace in Europe. By proposing that the League of Nations has to be set-up, the speech stood out as a basis of a global peace program. On the other hand, the speech by President Truman was presented in front of Congress in March 1947 and formed the basis of the Truman Doctrine. Under this doctrine, the US made it clear that it will provide military political as well as economic support to all democratic nations dealing with internal or external authoritarian threats. Both the speeches were in...

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