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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Health psychology plays a very important role in the life of an individual concerning their health and their perception towards health. Through the study, it is evident that stress has a great effect both in mind and on the body of every individual. Some of the factors that interfere with our health are the environmental factors, and personal behaviors (Farhud 1443). These factors affect our health through the cause of diseases that interfere with the lives of the people on a daily basis. The environmental conditions may result in diseases like cancer, and obesity among other diseases. And also the type of foods that are consumed also have a great impact on the health condition of an individual. The lifestyles that we live also have impacts on our health and can also result in the health complications. For instance, the uses of drugs such as cigarette interfere with the lungs of an individual, especially when excessively used (Farhud 1443). On t...

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