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A REPORT ON EFFECTS OF RECESSION ON WORK-LIFE BALANCE OF EMPLOYEES Name Institution Professor Course Date Introduction The recent Economic downturn has led to the sudden interruption of the regular work proceedings of the activities of the SLA Communications Company. It has led to the decisions by the management to take measures to cut down costs thus ensuring its survival. The decisions led to strict standards that saw the lay-offs and cutbacks of employees’ salaries.…


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Name Professor Course Date  The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-TimeThe clip is copyright from the novel with the same title. The play proves to be a better version of the book practically. Starting from how the stage is set and the sequence and flow of the storyline, the story flows fascinating viewers at different points of the narrative. My imagination and interpretation of the text are added, as the virtual environment I…

Part 1 Problem 1: Question 14.7 number 4b The assignment of the numbers in the PageRank do not from equilibrium due to the lack of coincidence of the number assigned. The PageRank values should give the simple network that has the numbers assigned systematically. Problem 2: Question 14.7 number 5 The network gives the stable values due to the stability of the numbers assigned. The system has equilibrium due to the normalization of the system…

Market and Social Systems

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Part 1 – Theory v: In-Degree of 1, Out-Degree of 1 s: In-Degree of 2, Out-Degree of 1. w: In-Degree of 2, Out-Degree of 1 u: In-Degree of 1 , Out-Degree of 1 q: In-Degree of 1, Out-Degree of 3 z: In-Degree of 1, Out-Degree of 1 y: In-Degree of 3, Out-Degree of 1 r: In-Degree of 0, Out-Degree of 2 t: In-Degree of 1, Out-Degree of 2 x: In-Degree of 2, Out-Degree of 1…


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HIV Institution of Affiliation Student’s Name Course Date Abstract This paper explores HIV as an epidemic that has caused deaths among those infected with it. The sources are obtained from the internet. Many sources are discussing the disease in different versions. The articles, however, vary in their definitions and how the conditions develop in the human body. Rosenberg (2016) defines HIV as a virus that attacks the white blood cells thus making them less defensive…

News values

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News Values. According to Buckingham (2013, p. 23), contemporary media, also known as the new media, refers to the technology-driven, internet-based media. Buckingham (2013, p. 23) posits that it includes media platforms such as social media, podcasts, online publications, blogs and video streaming sites. This type of media is facilitated by advancement in technology which has accorded the audience the ability to access Internet-based content. It has significantly replaced the content distribution channels that were…


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EDUCATION Name Date TABLE 1- Interview Sample The table is made up of data obtained from 27 female teachers. The information has been grouped under various distinctions. These are to wit; the stage or academic level in which the interviewees teach, the subject of their teaching and the number of years of experience which they possess. The educational level has been classified as either Primary, Intermediate or Secondary level. It was evident from the table…

M1A1: Project Milestone – Initial Ideas and Research for the Final Project Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation M1A1: Project Milestone – Initial Ideas and Research for the Final Project Introduction Primarily, running a business involves making decisions and conducting operations in a setting that is both dynamic and turbulent (Hill & Hult, 2015). Therefore, with a focus on the global business environment, this paper focus on a variety of factors that are contributory to key business…

ICT Data Security

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The advent of information communication technology (ICT) has revolutionized the globe. However, the development of ICT has had its fair share of challenges that are linked to physical systems and data. As most techno-savvy individuals understand, electronic systems are under constant threat of damage, either accidentally or deliberately, in instances if exposed to liquids such as water. Computer motherboards are notorious for this type of damage. Breakage from falling and collisions is also another common…

Elevator Pitch

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: IncredibleApps IncredibleApps is a mobile app company that aims at enabling people to get access to free apps that solve different problems that face the users. The applications are compatible with both iPhones and Android phones. The target market is Fortune 1000. These are organizations that are willing to provide their clients with high-quality services through mobile applications, but they lack the technical know-how on how to develop these ideas. The…

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