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ICT Networking

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The OSI model, also known as the Open System Interconnection model defines how protocols in a network are implemented. It divides a communication network into seven layers. The seventh layer, application, support end-user processes. Everything in this layer is application-specific; it identifies the communication partners and constraints on data syntax. The sixth layer is the presentation; it provides independence in various data presentation by transforming data into formats compatible with specified layers. The fifth is…


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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Source Analysis Source 1- How to Get Your Mind to Read The article focuses on reading in America and the author starts by acknowledging the fact that Americans are not good at reading. Reading in America is not a priority since most of the Americans focus on other activities such as chatting and reading via internet applications such as snapshots. Moreover, most of the people in America skim through…


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Bullying and Its Impact on the Marginalized Youth Name University Affiliation Abstract Research has uncovered that youth who experience bullying at some stage in life tend to develop a wide range of psychological issues. Instances of racial and ethnic victimization have long been reported the worlds over as the minorities are bullied every day. However, there has recently been an increase in cases of bullying targeted toward immigrant youth. In preparation of this report on…

Media and Gender Stereotypes

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Media and Gender Stereotypes Stereotyping has a significant impact on how we perceive other people. The human mind, according to Tukachinsky (2015), tends to develop the habit of quick-interpretation of other people without putting much thought into the in-depth characteristics of a person. In this case, the human mind organizes and simplifies the information about the surrounding thus creating series of stereotypes. As a result, people develop cognitive schemes that control their perception of the…

The Varied Portrayals of Men and Women in the Media Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation: Portrayals of Men and Women in Media Introduction The paper seeks to address how the representation of men and women in media affects the youth and the appropriate ethical action to take according to the theory of utilitarianism. Mass media is an essential and critical tool behind the publicization of general information to the public. The media determines the form that…

Award in Education and Training

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Produce a briefing document for a new member of staff who will be delivering classes in your specialist area embedding functional skills. The document should demonstrate your understanding of: It is envisaged that the BRIEFING DOCUMENT would have an estimated word count of 750-1000 words, equivalent to 3-4 pages. The current word count of this document is around 360 words which means that your final submission should have at least 1110 words. The key features…

NETS 150 Homework 2

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NETS 150 Homework 2. This is true. Based on the description, in regards to DFS, a given node would only finish if and only if every node that are discoverable from that particular node have been finished. Consider the following graph: For a to finish, b, c, and d must have already finished. Let’s say for example that we begin a DFS on the above graph at node c. First, c is discovered, then d…

Gender and Equality

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Portrayals of women and men in the media or advertising Student’s name Institution Portrayals of women and men in the media or advertising How does the media’s portrayal of women and men affect our youth in society? Introduction Mass media can be really beneficial in publicizing general information to the public and it can be very influential. The media has played a vital role in how women and men are portrayed to the world. When…

When we talk about the biggest companies in the world, Hershey Company is always considered to be up there with the best. When compared to its competitors, Hershey has established its brand in the market. It has managed to enter the markets in the western hemisphere and became a household coffee brand. Their mission is “Undisputed Marketplace Leadership” (McMahon Jr, 1998). However, like any other company, Hershey’s success or challenges when executing the mission and…

Public Key Infrastructure

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Public Key Infrastructure. Requirements: At the University of Maryland, the network contactors utilize the certificates in digital form to provide the non-repudiation of any data across the networks provided in the college. Proposed Solutions: The servers will be revoked, managed and issued by use of the tiered structure type of servers. The certificate used to issue and store the revoked certificate include the Certificate Authority. The support of the Certificate Authorities requires the help of…

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