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EDUCATION Name Date TABLE 1- Interview Sample The table is made up of data obtained from 27 female teachers. The information has been grouped under various distinctions. These are to wit; the stage or academic level in which the interviewees teach, the subject of their teaching and the number of years of experience which they possess. The educational level has been classified as either Primary, Intermediate or Secondary level. It was evident from the table that a bulk of the interviewees was Primary level teachers (20); then came Intermediate level teachers (4), and the number of Secondary level teachers comes in third (3). To this end, it is noteworthy that the findings and inferences drawn from this study can be said to be an accurate representation of the views of Primary level teachers than any other teachers. This result is as regards their conduct of Personal Information Management. Of the 27 female teachers interviewed, they have also been classified by the various su...

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