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Developing Mathematical thinking

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Your name Professor’s name Course name Date of submission Developing Mathematical Thinking Introduction: Mathematical knowledge and skills are essential within the technical and science world. An incorporation of algebraic expressions has been of great demand in exposing children to proper development of their mathematical grasp. Some of the key terms include algebraic expressions, mathematical thinking, research and teaching strategies. Algebraic expressions are phrases in mathematics that are used in developing individuals’ mathematical thinking and thought…

Mathematics Study Guide

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Mathematics is unique from other subjects. It applies to specific procedures, comprises symbols and formulas, plus it has comprehensive terminologies of its own. Therefore, there are distinct study skills necessary for a student to succeed in math. While there exists no one sure way to reading math, discussed here are some of the crucial tips, study skills, and considerations needed to flourish in math. Firstly, Mathematics calls for active learning. Apart from listening and reading,…


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EDUCATION Name Date TABLE 1- Interview Sample The table is made up of data obtained from 27 female teachers. The information has been grouped under various distinctions. These are to wit; the stage or academic level in which the interviewees teach, the subject of their teaching and the number of years of experience which they possess. The educational level has been classified as either Primary, Intermediate or Secondary level. It was evident from the table…

Part 1 The definition of Socket. The Difference between the Socket Object and the Server Socket Object. The socket is described as the end point in the communication flow when the network programs run. The socket is created and used with different sets of programming calls known as the programming interface. The socket objects are the EBL objects that represent the TCP socket. The TCP sockets are defined as the communication endpoints of communication. The…

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