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PepsiCo Company Decision. The decision about the design of commodities. My company of choice is the PepsiCo Company. There are a number of decisions that are made by the company on a daily basis. The decisions are mainly meant to optimize the operations of the businesses managed by the company. The optimum operations of the businesses are possibly achieved through perfect competition with the other forms of the businesses in the same field as the PepsiCo Company. Also, the best level of operations of the company can be reached through good relations between the employees and the company management, and through the reduction or the minimization of operational costs. However, there are decisions whose impact on the company is negative. There is kind of decisions that make the company incur unnecessary expenses (Gregory, 2017). Such a decision is the one that was made recently about the design of commodities of the company. Purpose of the costs in the decision making The decision on the ...

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