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Innovation and Entrepreneurship The following paper presents ideas on the vision statement and other business strategies of Next-generation batteries product. The current Lithium-ion batteries used in electronic gadgets pose a security risk - in the form of the presence of a flammable liquid electrolyte that may cause a fire (Diouf, & Pode, 2015). With the entry of new Lithium-air batteries, these concerns are set to rest. The capacity to hold the renewable energy is far more extensive than the lithium-ion battery. Vision Statement To revolutionize the concept of renewable energy- in the developed countries within five years, and to penetrate the third world countries in the next quarter. We aim to be the market leader in the provision of sustainable and safe renewable energy. Mission statement The business aims to be a world-class leader as a provider of Lithium-air renewable energy for use in electronic gadgets including laptops and phones to improve convenience of consumers worl...

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