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Alex sander is a strict individual who is high functioning with a tremendous success rate in Landon Care Product Company. Alex is the newest and youngest ever product manager in the company. He was hired to cause a wave and shake up the team. He got this promotion after successfully rebranding two successful products from the Landon collection. All his workmates know him for his no-nonsense demeanor. He expects overachievement from all his juniors and that they follow all his instructions. One of his bosses, Mr. Glass, has provided him with a 360° feedback from his bosses, co-workers, customers and direct reports. According to the input, Mr. Glass concludes that Alex current working style doesn't make him an active leader. This necessitates Mr., Glass to either identify another position for Alex where his talents will be utilized and hence ensure the product group is successful or keep Alex in the same position but offer training that will ensure that he is a capable leader and hence ...

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