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As a lifelong admirer of Reece Group sales and marketing practices, I was delighted to find a job advert of a Trade Counter Salesperson. I am confident I can perform to your team's expectations and build a positive reputation for the Reece Group Company. I have three successful years in business as a sales manager at my Coastal Fox firm and still counting. Within nine months, I have attracted over 800 registered job seekers. What’s more, three weeks after a year in the business field, my social media page has accumulated over 4000 likes. In my current position as a Store Manager at The Red Lantern Adult Shop, East Devonport, I have built a great customers relationship, perfected my communications skills, expanded my knowledge in stock management and mastered all the basic computer skills including additional skills in WordPress CMS, Graphic Design, and Social Media. I am self-driven, and for most days, I run all stock operations in the firm, run the POS systems and monitor every acti...

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