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Feedback Discussion #2 Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Feed Back Discussion #2 The issues you have experienced trying to achieve a healthy and happy lifestyle is common to many people. However, only a small number of them set objectives and commit to the course of attaining them. You have significantly achieved based on the efforts you have made, and you can inspire others. People feel the need for self-care, to overcome specific health or behavioral challenges and what follows are positive rewards is they adhere to the conceptual requisites in change. The rule of the thumb during the implementation of a self-care program is the regular physical activities and ample social support are both necessary. In her theory of Self-care, Dorothea Orem’s insists that patients must control themselves, deliberately, and in a self-reliant way overcome their health problems (Hosseini, Torkani, & Tavakol, 2013). Although designed for clinical purposes, this theory has been us...

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