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Objecting Authority Name Institution It would be hard to portray something unethical when in authority. One’s ethics can be compromised depending on what your boss orders you to do. Dilemma strikes in, on what option to choose since either has its consequences (Bellis, 2016). Choosing to go unethical one becomes complicit while on the other hand if you fail to attend to what you are assigned to do you could encounter revenge from your boss. The steps to take while raising your concerns without jeopardizing your job or even your relationship at work is by; investigating that request with a question, enlightening your boss or giving an alternative solution. Yes, in the past I stood up authority since I was asked to manipulate figures during stock take of the physical items in the purchase stores. The physical counting is done at the end of every month to ensure the physical items match with the system and while counting one of the items it was less three. I disagreed to manipul...

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