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Name Instructor's Name Course Date The Death of Ivan Ilych Many readers of “The death of Ivan Ilych” by Tolstoy may think the demise of Ivan was accidental and ordinary. What many readers miss out is that the death of Ivan was caused by many people and factors around him (Tolstoy 129). Based on a succinct analysis of Ivan’s past life keenly, you realize that Ivan would not have died from the condition he suffered in his sunset moments had he maintained his previous life. People also do not know that the life of Tolstoy influenced his work. Most people even criticize Tolstoy’s work, saying that the narrations are not novels, but writings on life. The ‘Death of Ivan Ilych seems to be a perfect example of this assertion. Tolstoy harbored a lot of religious ideas throughout his lifetime, and the ideas must have most likely influenced his style of writing. Besides, Tolstoy started facing the effects of death when he was still very young. For instance, his mother died whil...

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