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Theories in Action

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Student’s nameInstructorCourseMay 9, 2018 Theories in Action: The United States is currently facing various problems in areas like health, education, and politics. Gardner theory states that every human being has multiple intelligences. He continues to describe nine types of intelligence under his approach which include; musical, visual-spatial, mathematical-logical, bodily-kinesthetic, naturalist, existential, intrapersonal, interpersonal and naturalist intelligence (Giouroukakis and Connolly 17). Areas of development theory talk about the transition from childhood to adulthood. This paper will…

Lincoln The film (2012)

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Name Course Instructor Date Lincoln The Film (2012) Lincoln is an American epic historical drama movie that is based on the events of the 1860s. This is the period when the Americans were deeply engaged in the civil war. The film significantly borrows from Lincoln's biography Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln. It covers the last four months of Abraham Lincoln’s life, mainly talking about his efforts to pass the 13th Constitutional…

The death of Ivan Ilych

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Name Instructor's Name Course Date The Death of Ivan Ilych Many readers of “The death of Ivan Ilych” by Tolstoy may think the demise of Ivan was accidental and ordinary. What many readers miss out is that the death of Ivan was caused by many people and factors around him (Tolstoy 129). Based on a succinct analysis of Ivan’s past life keenly, you realize that Ivan would not have died from the condition he suffered…

The basis of this play is realism. The play outlines the drama of a nineteenth-century marriage. There is a difficulty for Nora in understanding her role as a woman in society. She is overly submissive and humble which results to Torvald, her husband, taking advantage of her by abusing her verbally and denying her proper emotional and financial support. The setting of the play unequivocally shows the roles that women and men played at that…

American literature after World War II Annotated Bibliography The purpose of the project is to create a proposal for an E-textbook of American literature after World War II. In this section, a list of resources are outlines accompanied by a brief annotation demonstrating how useful in the proposed Textbook. Bandy Opadhyay, Debarati. "Negotiating Borders of Culture Jhumpa Lahiri's Fiction." Journal of Literature, Culture and Media Studies (2010). Journal. file:///C:/Users/ADMIN/Downloads/9-56-1-PB.pdfThe article analyses the theme of multiculturalism…


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Student Name Instructor Course Name Date Analysis The 19th century is marked with publications of literature concerning dual and multiple personalities. The publications were also accompanied by drama, supernaturalism and gothic elements which can be viewed to have added excitement in literature. Most of the works by Robert Louis Stevenson illustrate the concept of dualism in the respective protagonists in which the characters exhibit gothic elements. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde…

Research Paper Presentation

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Name: Instructor: Course Title: Date: The Voice of Women in Democratic America Description Political formations are crucial elements of the social setting and model of a society. As such, theatre activities are mainly structured to reflect the socio-political situation of the society through glorification or critique. Through this context, scripts of plays are developed not completely based on fantasy but adhering to the societal code. As such, it becomes clear when revealing the correlation in…

Digital media

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Media and Communications Portfolio Class Instructor Institution Date MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS PORTFOLIO Overview of an Organization An example of an organization that recruits digital media practitioners is the Wall Street Journal. Founded in the late 19th century, the Wall Street Journal has grown in reputation for its coverage on various subjects. The organization's primary segment in on business although the editorial pages cover opinions on other issues such as economic and political news and views.…

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