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Ichan Steel Stock Selling Name: Institutional affiliation Ichan Steel Stock Selling If an investor has to take over a company, his intentions should be directed towards saving the company and not solely for his interest. Additionally, those in governance should also consider what the shareholders want regarding the takeover. However, there are instances where the investors take over a company for personal gains (Williams, 1986). Similarly, the managers of a Company may be against a takeover in fear of either losing their jobs or reputation or in some cases both. In the case of Icahn Vs. Roderick, Mr. Icahn offers to buy USX at a total cost of $8 billion which translates to $31 per share. As one of the company’s shareholders owning 11% of the company, he gave the company an option to arrange and structure their holdings in such a way that they at least match his offer of $31 a share (Williams, 1986). Compared to the alternative that the Chairman Mr. Roderick offers, the shareh...

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