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McDonald’s Corporation. McDonald's is a fast food firm that was incorporated in the year 1940. The firm is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The headquarters of McDonald's is based in Oak Brook, Illinois, USA. The founders of this company Richard McDonald and Maurice McDonald who were brothers. The increased number of working-class people in the US made it a necessity for a place where the working-class would get ready-made food at a relatively lower price, and this was the genesis of the McDonald's. Number of outlets McDonald’s over the years it has grown and has been able to open several food outlets across the globe. As per the year ending 2016, McDonald’s had 36,900 food outlets running across the globe. The United States has the highest number of McDonald’s outlets standing at 14,146 outlets followed by China which has 2,391 outlets (McDonald’s n.d.). Other countries where McDonald’s has its outlets include Canada, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, South Afr...

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