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Effects of Grading in Learning. Name University Details Date of Submission Effects of Grading in Learning. In most institutions, grading is the method that is used to evaluate the students’ understanding. However, there are questions on whether the system helps them in mastering the concepts they are learning or not. The following is an analysis of the arguments whether grading helps in learning. According to Spencer (2012), grading helps the students to obtain knowledge. In a case of a physics teacher whose students could score A’s in exams without mastering the complex ideas. The teacher needed a method that would help the students not only perform well in exams but also master the concepts, regardless of the time it would take. He, therefore, developed another grading system inspired by Robert Marzano and Jane Pollock (Spencer, 2012). This design has ensured that whenever the students take a test, they see 3 or more grades showing in if they understood the concept. This ...

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