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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject Date ‘Barbie Doll’ Marge uses Barbie in her poem ‘Barbie Doll’ as an image to portray the unrealistic value system placed on America’s young girls. The expectations put on young girls and in extension women to look like ‘Barbie’ weighs down on their lives (Lyons, and Piercy, 329). Though ‘Barbie’ is used once in the poem and specifically in the title, the imagery of Barbie is dominant in Marge Piercy’s poem. Barbie usually has a perfect shape with both flowing hair and beautiful legs. This is not the case for the unnamed girl in the poem who is described as having ‘a great big nose and fat legs.’ It is ironical to compare the girl and Barbie who does not have great health, intelligence and physical strength like her. Women have been judged based on their physical attributes as opposed to their intelligence for a long time. A woman who is physically attractive is positively judged or regarded than a woman who is ...

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