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STRESS Student’s Name: Course Name: Date: Stress Stress is a normal aspect of life. It can serve both a negative and a positive purpose. For example, stress can motivate an individual to work for a promotion at work, or even complete a very grueling task, such as a grueling marathon or a gym workout. Prolonged stress should, however, be avoided because it can be detrimental to a person’s health and can interfere with one’s family and work life. Many definitions of stress exist, and the term can be used to mean different things. For example, the meaning and use of the term changes in engineering, biology, geology, psychology, and even music. However, in a general sense, stress is the state of emotional or mental tension that results from demanding or unpleasant circumstances (1). In a biological or medical context, stress might be viewed as an emotional, mental, or physical factor that results in mental or bodily tension. In other words, it is the adverse reaction experi...

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