Scientific Proposal for a Biodegradable Disinfectant Dissertation Example For Download

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Abstract This research is intended to develop a biodegradable disinfectant by utilizing the ultraviolet light. The disinfectant is designed to clean all surfaces, including those impenetrable by light. The research findings included no effect on the skin of the users of the product. The research also found out that the product has no negative effects on the ecosystem. The product is aimed at providing disinfectant solutions that be used both homes and other institutions. The project intends to provide a product that forms no chemical reaction when mixed with other products. Ultimately, the product is intended to meet the needs of the consumers while at the same time, conserve our ecosystem. The mission of the project is to ensure that that the health of users is maintained. Scientific research methods were used in the experiments. The engineers came up with formulas for making the product. The product was then used in a lab rat to find out the effects it would have on its skin. As stip...

Free Scientific Proposal for a Biodegradable Disinfectant Dissertation Example

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