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Media and Gender Stereotypes Stereotyping has a significant impact on how we perceive other people. The human mind, according to Tukachinsky (2015), tends to develop the habit of quick-interpretation of other people without putting much thought into the in-depth characteristics of a person. In this case, the human mind organizes and simplifies the information about the surrounding thus creating series of stereotypes. As a result, people develop cognitive schemes that control their perception of the world around them and define their social cognition. Andersen et al. (2017) state that the working of the brain with regards to interpreting features in one’s environment is similar to how human beings speak without giving much thought to the structure and meanings of the words they say. People tend to collect several ideologies about other people based on their race sexuality, nationality, and gender. As people grow up, the predominant features visible among a group of people form general...

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