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Name Professor Course Date Life on parole Life on parole has been efforts by the government to attempt and impact a reduction in the levels of those who are incarcerated. Research and study in the matter have brought about different reactions from the public, those who fall as victims of the rule and their loved ones. With quite a significant number of people in prisons, it is estimated that the more significant part of them will undergo parole ones they are released. It does not mean that once an individual is out of prison, he is necessarily free. On the contrary, one is limited to individual rights as aspects of their daily lives are monitored on a regular basis with strict supervisions to control the parolee (Armstrong & Ioan, 22). The documentary picks specific significant issues that work entirely on the contrary of the primary aim of parole. The study that involved four individuals namely Jessica Proctor, Vaughn Gresham, Rob Sullivan, and Erroll Brantley depict t...

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