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Auditing refers to an official financial inspection of a given company (Gendron & Power, 2015). It is usually a systematic approach to assessing accounts, books, and other company's records to ascertain how far it has achieved regarding financial and non-financial statements. Auditing enables the company to determine whether its financial records are accurate and are per the applicable rules. The financial history of a firm is the primary key to the effective functioning of the capital markets. However, auditing is dependent on several factors such as quality of audit and auditors independence. More, so, ethical behavior in financial records is a critical factor in facilitating a public trust as well as building an accountancy profession reputation (Lins, Schneider & Sunyaev, 2016). In connection with the above, various discussions concerning an audit operation are focusing on audit tenure. It involves a debate regarding the advantage of a mandatory audit company rotation and t...

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