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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: Interview Poems “Giving Directions to McDonalds” Kris Hemensley In Kris Hemensley’s “Giving Directions to McDonald's” the speech act of the poem is kind of a protest on life events. The poet uses long sentences especially in giving opinions on the matter being focused on. There are specific nouns used like the gang, ghosts, and uses the third person. The type of tense used here is not so specific because at some point the poet speaks in different tenses under varied situations of reference. Hensley himself give a small press to the poetry scene. Many of the selection is on the life issues. He gives more focus on the issues which affect many people globally. He achieves this through imagination which through the content the reader gets insight into what affect people around the world (Kris, 1). “El Tigre Market” by Juan Delgado The poet uses a descriptive speech on the subject and environment around, with both...

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