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THE PANTHER BY RAINER MARIA RILKE Name University Details Date of Submission The Panther. The poem written by Rainer Maria Rilke is twelve-line narrative. The poem depicts a picture of a panther locked in a cage. The primary function of the first stanza is to create a setting. The endless imagination about the bars establishes the context. In the first stanza, in line 1, continually passing bars develops the image of the bars concealing past the panther. The panther’s imagination about the bars has beheld the vast quantity of the bars for a period. This premise is evident in line 2 to 3, where the writer refers to the panther to have grown so weary that I could not be able to hold anything. Also, the narrator talks about the existence of a thousand bars in the fourth line which extend the vision of the panther. The author uses the panther to represent human personality in his narration to show how every man has animalistic character. The tone of the poem shows the pain that ...

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