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Students’ Name Professors’ Name Why Students Should Wear UniformsDate Introduction Uniform is a clothing material worn by students or a group of people to help them establish an identity that differs from that of another school, group or organization. In schools set up, students wear uniforms because of varying reasons which include; minimizing disputes, reducing violence, lower expenditure, and promote learning among others. The paper explores to expound on these reasons. Wearing uniforms reduces insecurities and conflicts in schools. Students who are unable to buy the newest fashion might be looked down upon by those who can afford. For that reason, they feel insecure and this triggers conflict amongst them (Mcdaniel 163). Wearing uniform also helps stop violence and keep loyalty among students. It is because dressing in a similar manner creates a sense of togetherness making the students feel more united and close. Uniforms also ensure economical use of money. Most of...

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