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Influence of Modernism Can one live without modn conveniences? “Weird Al” Yankovich presents an Amish man living in a world with ultra-simplistic lifestyle; the man praises his uncomplicated existence and relatively plain life where there is no demolition of the earth. In a parody posted on his 1996 album Bad Hair Day, Yankovich has changed Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” words by replacing the word “Gangsta’s” with “Amish.” In the first song, Coolio describes an ex-marine teacher who strives to associate with her inmost city school students. He conveys the feelings of unhappiness and desperation felt by young people at the school. In “Amish Paradise,” he sings about the Amish country life which is ultra-simplistic (Bronner and Brown 454). In this song, he has deployed various comedic devices which have turned it from a pop song to a funny social description of the Amish people. He has made fun of them and humorously describes them as primitive people and how mo...

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