Impact Medicare Fraud Has in Patient’s care Dissertation Example For Download

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Impact Medicare Has in Patient's Care Name Institution Audience (Senior citizens) Abstract The topic of the health care fraud in Medicare is receiving a lot of attention as fraud becomes rampant. In every year, data has indicated that the healthcare companies receive healthcare insurance claims in millions to have the quality of health care improved. It is out of these million claims that a small but significant percentage of fraudulent is reported. For this case, it is not a matter of the size of the cost involved in the fraud; it is all about the effects that this fraud level has to the general health care of the patient. The loss that is perceived as small finally culminates into the tens of the billions of dollars that the people of America incur annually. Consequently, the premiums go up, the costs of healthcare increases and other out- of pocket expenses emerge making it difficult for the patient to access adequate healthcare. In this workshop outline, we examine the effec...

Free Impact Medicare Fraud Has in Patient’s care Dissertation Example

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