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Author’s Name Professor Course Due Date The Roaring 20s Speech Outline Introduction Attention getter: The epitome of economic development that we see today got founded in the 1920s. What times could be better than those years following the end of a great war that defined livelihood for the US. Topic introduction: Good morning, my name is ……….. Today I will be presenting the topic: Economics is tackling specifically the issue of economic shift and Laissez-Faire governing. Relevancy statement: These issues are of significance to every patriot who needs to get enlightened on the historical development of the economy in America. Thesis: Most of the success that is seen in the economy today was a result of the steps taken in dealing with the shift in the economy and choosing Laissez-Faire as a way of governance. Therefore, it is of great significance to discuss the contributions of the two aspects in the fight for the return to normalcy in the 1920s. Transition: An an...

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