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“Halo”-Beyoncé The film “Halo” by Beyoncé includes many dancing styles that enable her to portray the main intention of the song ("Beyoncé - Halo"). Camera shots taken at intervals mainly portray the video dance movements. The dance moves mainly portray Beyoncé’s thoughts and feelings throughout the video. This essay evaluates the video and dance movement in Beyoncé’ song “Halo” and describes how it I used to portray the theme and intention of the video. Beyoncé dances in a dark lit room, hence steering and exploring the central theme of the video. The main aim of the dance is to make the partner happy. He watches and explores every dance. The moves help in revealing mysterious thoughts and emotions hidden in “halo” music video. Her dancing is more poetic as she mainly uses her arms and legs. To capitalize her success in the music video, Beyoncé integrates her dancing to improve the viewers’ perceptions and attitude towards her song brand. Exposure and bran...

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