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SEMINAL CRITIQUE ON ONLINE IDENTITY. Name Course Professor University Details Date of Submission. SEMINAL CRITIQUE ON ONLINE IDENTITY. Introduction. This review is a study that was analyzed by S.M. Furnell (2010). The research review is about the potential risks and ways in which people gather information. The author extended his investigation by involving the students from Plymouth University, to find out the objectives of the research, whose aim was on how information harvesting and the potential risks that result from exposed data. The author can develop from other scholarly ideas, to identify the previously exposed evidence on the potential risks of information (Phippen et al., 2009). Addressing how other online users gather information (Cialdini and Bator, 2000, p. 527-542), state how individuals expose their information to the public (Furnell, 2008) and give ways in which people should prevent their information from being open to the public. The author claims that mos...

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