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digital identities

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SEMINAL CRITIQUE ON ONLINE IDENTITY. Name Course Professor University Details Date of Submission. SEMINAL CRITIQUE ON ONLINE IDENTITY. Introduction. This review is a study that was analyzed by S.M. Furnell (2010). The research review is about the potential risks and ways in which people gather information. The author extended his investigation by involving the students from Plymouth University, to find out the objectives of the research, whose aim was on how information harvesting and the…

Silver Hair, Gold Year's Chapter of Rick Bragg Text All Over but the Shouting is a memoir book written by Rick Bragg. It focuses on Braggs’ life since childhood till adulthood when he achieved most of his goals. Although he is the main character in the story, the primary figure is his mother, Margaret Bragg, who suffers for her family's sake especially due to his husband’s alcoholism. Bragg was a dreamer and loved reading from…

details in "paper instruction"

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[First Name] [Last Name] [Professor] [Class] 11 April 2018 Themes in Ryan Holiday's Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator According to 25-year old author Ryan Holiday, entry into the mainstream news media industry requires that aspiring reporters be willing to lie, bribe, and cheat their way to victory (Holiday 1). The literature is divided into two sections; the first includes the methodologies necessary to achieve such a goal and the second details…

Breathless (1960)

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“Breathless (1960)” Breathless, also known as out of breath is a French film that was written by Juan Godard. The same person also directed the movie. The film shows the story of the criminal wonderer, Jean-Paul, and his American journalist girlfriend, Patricia (Ebert par. 2). The movie is historic because was the first full-length movie of the legendary director Godard. Hence the film represented a breakthrough career of Belmondo as an actor. As one the…

Digital media

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Media and Communications Portfolio Class Instructor Institution Date MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS PORTFOLIO Overview of an Organization An example of an organization that recruits digital media practitioners is the Wall Street Journal. Founded in the late 19th century, the Wall Street Journal has grown in reputation for its coverage on various subjects. The organization's primary segment in on business although the editorial pages cover opinions on other issues such as economic and political news and views.…

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