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CARBON EMISSIONS Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Table Of Figures PAGEREF _Toc511891472 h 4Abstract PAGEREF _Toc511891473 h 5I.Background Information PAGEREF _Toc511891474 h 6a.Population (current status and trend) PAGEREF _Toc511891475 h 6b.Economy (current status and trend) PAGEREF _Toc511891476 h 6c.Carbon emissions, carbon intensity PAGEREF _Toc511891477 h 6d.Current energy use, resources, and flow PAGEREF _Toc511891478 h 7e.Environmental concerns and risks PAGEREF _Toc511891479 h 7II.Power Systems PAGEREF _Toc511891480 h 8a.Current status, including energy mix and carbon emissions PAGEREF _Toc511891481 h 8b.Future energy options, considering regional suitability, capital, fuel and maintenance costs, dispatchable vs. non-dispatchable, transmission, etc PAGEREF _Toc511891482 h 9c.Projections (future growth for Business as a Usual scenario) PAGEREF _Toc511891483 h 9d.Current decarbonization plans PAGEREF _Toc511891484 h 10e.Enhanced decarbonization plans PAGEREF _Toc511891485 h 1...

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