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ANALYTICAL ESSAY OUTLINE INTERNATIONAL LAW AND HUMAN RIGHTS Thesis: Jurisdictions are under duress required to promptly address cases or allegations of torture and promptly assist victims of torture. STATUS OF PROHIBITION AGAINST TORTURE AND CRUEL, INHUMAN, OR DEGRADING TREATMENT OR PUNISHMENT UNDER INTERNATIONAL LAW (BOTH CUSTOMARY AND CONVENTIONAL) Role of Jurisdictions - jurisdictions across the globe are required to take effective efforts aimed at preventing torture within any section under their territory. Role of customary and conventional laws - torture or inhumane treatment against another individual is considered a criminal and extraditable offense across the globe INDIVIDUAL AND CORPORATE CRIMINAL ACCOUNTABILITY Outcomes of Selmouni v. France Aydin v. Turkey, El Masri v. Tenet, and Mohammad v. Jeppesen Dataplan cases. Critical Reflection - the unsuccessful outcomes of the above cases will continue to be reflected in other torture cases even in years to come. The co...

Free Analytical essay and and short outline Dissertation Example

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